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Brigitte and Nell 


A mother/daughter duo that perfectly embodies the technical and human qualities I look for in my work. With 35 years of experience and passion, Brigitte has brought her expertise to magnify the finishing touches with her natural kindness. My creations come to life in Nell's expert hands. The result is stunning and matches the warm and welcoming atmosphere that surrounds the atelier. 

Corie Desbrueres

Web designer 

A young woman with a thirst for experience. When others enjoy long moments of idleness, Corie is stimulated by the search for new projects. Learning, trying new things is her way of feeding and expressing her creativity. It was a real pleasure to work with her keen eye, which captured the essence of my line to deliver an elegant and clean website. 

Bieke Winkelmans, The Fabric Sales

Fabric supplier 

I have been working with Bieke and The Fabrics Sales for many years. This company only offers designer end-of-line fabrics. A great approach that allows professionals and private customers to work with beautiful materials in a sustainable way. I am most often in contact with Bieke and her bright smile. She is a very professional person who has always given me good advices. 

Alix Bonneau

Sale in store

Founder of the "Alix Romann" and "Madame Antoine" brands, we share the same love for craftsmanship and savoir-faire. Between two laughs, she taught me a lot about haute couture techniques. Today I am lucky enough to be able to exhibit my creations in her boutique at Le Vert Chausseur, in Brussels, surrounded by other talented French artisans.  

Anne-Sophie Fadie


As a talented photographer, Anne-Sophie captures the human face behind the image. A meticulous preparation of sketches and light tests. If the garment comes to life in the hands of our dressmakers, it comes to life under Anne-Sophie's lens. She makes you feel at ease, suggests the dance, creates the movement for a result full of freshness and authenticity. 

Zohra Scholtes & Louise Wauters

Photo models

Two complementary models: one with a strong charisma and sensuality and the other with a beautiful spontaneity and energy. Beyond the physical aspect, it was important for me to find inspiring personalities. What a pleasure to work with people who are enterprising, genuine, funny, self-confident and free.  

Marie Haegeman 

Make Up- Makeup: Make up For Ever Academy Brussels 

It was with sparkling eyes that Marie joined us during the photo shoot. Discovering the project, she succeeded in proposing solutions so that I could exploit the different make-up ideas that I wanted to explore. Her understated enthusiasm brought joy to this important stage in the development of the collection.

Lorraine de Thibault


Friend of Baudelaire since the age of 8, Lorraine expresses her love for artists through her pen. She captures the deep essence of her interlocutor, through a conversation. She was able to translate my emotions and values into words with all the poetry that characterises her. 

Fabrice Van Boeckel and Sebastien de Cordes

Finally, a special mention to Sébastien de Cordes and Fabrice Van Boeckel, my long-time friends, who assisted me during the photo shoot by taking care of the video content. Their time is the most beautiful proof of friendship they could offer me. 

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