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The LINE is pure, structured, it underlines the light and the colours, my pencil is attracted by it and my line is firm, almost architectural. I work with WHITE, the ultimate light whose purity enchants the line. As for the COLOURS, they invite themselves and dance with the LIGHT to create the atmosphere in which the person wearing my pieces evolves: powerful, liberated, heading to their objectives. The colours are saturated, I find within myself the energy to surrender. And yet, I decline certain colours according to the energy I wish to explore, certain colours are pastels: I also find softness and tenderness in them. The collar is high, I wear my self-esteem.  The pieces are like declensions of the feeling, like a REFLECTION of the variations of the spirit.

These pieces are close to my spirit but also to me, physically. They are created and made in BELGIUM by people I support and who also support me: seamstress, fabric suppliers, photographer, models, communication manager,... all this BELOVING circle of people who put love in each step. There is therefore a PROXIMITY in production but above all, in our relationships. I know who my investment goes to and yours, too.

I create LIMITED SERIES with artisans that I have gathered in my threads and with whom we share a VISION, that of the UNIQUE experience of clothing. The garment as a mirror of our identity where the current industry pushes for uniformity. The voice is not for artisans but for the mass production of clothing. I hear too often: "below such and such a length, it's out of the question"; "500 pieces or nothing". I find my place, I draw the energy in me to resist this overproduction in order to respect my VALUES and tend towards a more responsible consumption. 

I find the fabrics in rolls in the designers' END OF SERIES. My goal is RESPONSIBLE, I see it as a way to give a second life to these QUALITY fabrics already produced. Today, I reach 80% of recovered fabrics.

I am proud to be able to offer a garment that has both TECHNICAL and HUMAN qualities. The garment is alive, full of promise but also full of memories, from all the moments surrounding its creation to your hand, which caresses and dances with the fabric.

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